Core Competencies

Complete Real Estate and Property Management Solution

Trinity Property Consultants was founded in 1999 as a multifamily management firm in Southern California. Our value-added management approach provides investors with financial and accounting services, advanced IT solutions, human resources, marketing, due diligence, capital needs assessments, operational audits, renovations services, property repositioning and asset management services. Our mission is to Redefine Community. At Trinity, we believe that in order to cultivate our commitment to community improvement, we must focus on the values that matter most to our residents and team members.

Industry’s Most Talented People

Our greatest asset at Trinity Property Consultants is our team of strong management professionals. We recruit the most experienced and talented associates within each local market. By providing state-of-the-art systems, training, and advancement opportunities, we empower each team member to develop stronger management and customer service skills to exceed the expectations of our residents and investors. Performance-driven support and supervision are the pillars of our foundation. On-site, regional and corporate managers are trained to handle the vast array of challenges in today’s market. Their diversity of experience perpetuates a maximum return for investors and an improved living experience for residents.

National Systems and Local Expertise

Trinity manages a geographically diverse portfolio of over 23,000 apartment units. We are a national organization with regional offices nationwide. Our regional focus enables us to develop outstanding local market expertise, richly staffed with highly trained and talented management professionals. Our management professionals are focused on maximizing asset values, innovative thinking and customer service with superior attention to detail. The services we offer are delivered through our local and regional organizations with extensive support and oversight from our national organization. This ensures uniform implementation of “best practices” principles and execution of developed plans and initiatives.

Governed By Our Values

In order to cultivate our commitment to excellent customer service, our values provide us with the opportunity to exceed expectations and strive for excellence, enabling our residents to love where they live. Trinity communities are committed to conserving energy and natural resources to maintain a sustainable environment and to positively contribute to our residents’ eco-conscious lifestyles. We believe that we can make a difference by creating the best possible living environment for our residents. We support the communities we serve with our time, energy and funding – to Redefine Community.


The Executives

Michael Earl

President / Chief Operating Officer

With over 30 years of apartment management and renovation experience, Mike Earl heads up Trinity Property Consultants. Mr. Earl has been with FPA for over 10 years and has managed the FPA Multifamily Portfolio for 15 years. Prior, Mr. Earl ran Porta Management Group where he oversaw a portfolio of approximately 12,000 residential units. He also served as the regional property manager for the West Coast portfolio of Lincoln Property Company where he managed over 6,000 residential units in three states. Mr. Earl is a member of the National Multifamily Housing Council and the California Apartment Association.

Joe Clark

Chief Financial Officer

With over 30 years experience, Joe Clark is the Chief Financial Officer for FPA, Trinity and Redwood. He is responsible for tax compliance, risk management, banking, accounting, budgeting and managing expenses for our portfolio and corporate entities. Prior, Mr. Clark was a Managing Director with American Express Tax and Business Services in San Diego specializing in real estate taxation and estate tax planning and also served as FPA’s long term CPA. Mr. Clark is a member of the American Institute of CPAs, the California Society of CPAs, and graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Majoring in Accounting.

Ken Miles

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Miles serves as our Chief Technology Officer and joined the FPA/Trinity team in November 1999 as Director of Information Technology. He is responsible for all technology initiatives and the management of IT related vendors, controls, procedures and infrastructure. Mr. Miles has over 21 years’ experience in Information Systems, 16 of which have been exclusively in property management. Prior, Mr. Miles was Manager of Technical Services for the Western National Group, gaining experience in systems integration, database development, computer network design, and website development. Mr. Miles was also the Information Technology Consultant for California State University at San Bernardino. Mr. Miles graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering.

Charisse Weaver

Chief Compliance Officer

Charisse Weaver oversees the Compliance Program, functioning as an independent and objective body that reviews and evaluates compliance within all levels of the organization. Charisse ensures that management and onsite team members are in compliance with regulatory agencies, company policies and procedures, and that behavior in the organization meets the company’s Governing Values. She is also responsible for the oversight and implementation of softwares used to manage community operations. Mrs. Weaver has over 33 years of experience in the multi-family industry holding various positions at both the on-site and corporate levels. She is a Certified HUD Assisted Housing Manager, Tax Credit Occupancy Specialist and is an active member of the National Apartment Association, the California Apartment Association, and various industry partners’ user groups throughout the country.

David Seiler

Executive Vice President West Coast

David Seiler is responsible for operations functions of both the West Coast Regions as well as the liason between our JV Partners. Mr. Seiler has over 16 years experience in the property management industry. Mr. Seiler holds a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate from National University, and is a CPM Candidate. Achievements and affiliations include; Appointment to the Industry Standards Committee, and Finance Committee, H.U.D. Certified Occupancy Specialist.

Brandy Campbell

Senior Vice President South and Southeast

Brandy Campbell is the Senior Vice President responsible for property operations of the Student Housing portfolio and also oversees the regional property managers in the Southwest and Southeast. Ms. Campbell has 15 years experience in the multifamily real estate industry. She is a Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor with the National Apartment Association.

Carla Alicea

Vice President Marketing and Training

Carla Alicea is a B2C marketing professional with an in depth knowledge of reputation management, social and content marketing, and SEO strategies. Carla began her career in multifamily housing in 1997 and quickly made her mark as a leasing, sales and marketing expert. Carla joined FPA as the e-Marketing Director for Trinity Property Consultants in 2010 and transitioned into a role with increased responsibilities as the Marketing and Training Director in 2015. Her efforts are focused on improving visibility, social reputation and online applications for all multifamily assets as well as oversight of the Learning Management System that provides training courses for all employees. As the brand ambassador of Trinity Property Consultants she consistently demonstrates highly-developed verbal presentation skills and has a passion for professional collaboration. She is a creative, self-starter with a competitive, entrepreneurial spirit that reliably demonstrates high standards in customer service, team leadership, and corporate ethics.

Shelly Sanders


Shelly Sanders is responsible for the accounting, reporting, and auditing for the Trinity portfolio. She manages the property accounting department and has over 20 years’ experience in real estate accounting. Prior to joining Trinity, Ms. Sanders was Vice President, Assistant Controller at RREEF, a real estate investment firm located in Chicago and was also an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand. She graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a minor in Business Administration.

Governing Values

We require that all team members conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and fairness. We do not compromise our character. We are honorable in all our dealings with residents, team members, investors and industry partners. We treat others as we would like to be treated; with respect and dignity.

We provide an engaging work environment, where team members are encouraged to innovate, adapt, learn, grow and develop. We employ the latest in technology and utilize the tools to their fullest potential.

“Trinity Cares” and values constructive feedback. We are committed to open communication to foster an atmosphere that is free of discrimination or harassment of any kind and where differences are respected and valued. We communicate effectively and professionally with our residents, team members, investors and industry partners; returning correspondences quickly and asking for help when necessary.

We are each responsible for the success of our communities. We nurture a culture where accountability and moral responsibility are necessary tools for making decisions based on doing the right work in the right way for the right results. We exhibit a “We Can Do That!” attitude and aim to exceed expectations.

We strive for excellence when providing our residents, team members, investors and industry partners’ quality service and fair value, while complying with all laws and industry regulations. We focus on details and strive for accuracy.

We value loyalty by ensuring that our bottom line is not more important than preserving our good name and carrying out our values. Our loyalty to our residents, team members, investors and industry partners is amplified by our appreciation of hard work and results. We invest in our team members’ success by developing and rewarding talent through recruitment, education and promotion.

Resident Programs

Renters Insurance

The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that approximately 95,500 fires occur in high rise apartments every year. Trinity Property Consultants has partnered with eRenterPlan to offer our valued residents low cost liability and renter insurance policies.

Learn more

Renters Insurance

The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that approximately 95,500 fires occur in high rise apartments every year. Trinity Property Consultants has partnered with eRenterPlan to offer our valued residents low cost liability and renter insurance policies.

Learn more

Why is Liability Insurance Required?

Satisfying your insurance requirement is the first step in protecting yourself financially. As a renter, you are responsible for any damage you may cause. Think about the expense if you accidentally caused damage from fire, smoke, water or explosion to your apartment home and homes surrounding you.

We wants to ensure that you are protected when it comes to such big risks. Trinity Property Consultants has partnered with eRenterPlan to offer our valued residents low cost liability and renter insurance policies.

Know the Facts

We carry an insurance policy on each of our apartment communities BUT the policy only covers the structure (for example the walls, carpets, and cabinets) and does not cover your possessions. Also, it does not offer liability coverage in case someone gets hurt in your home.

Think about your most basic household contents – dishes, bedding, clothing, computers, etc. – which can cost thousands of dollars to replace. Did you know that renter’s insurance protects against much more than just loss of possessions? It can also reimburse for temporary lodging if the apartment is damaged by fire or natural disaster.

About eRenterPlan Renter’s Insurance

eRenterPlan is the largest provider of renter’s insurance exclusive to residents of apartments and rental homes. What this means to you is eRenterPlan “gets it.” They understand your day-to-day challenges and have built a solution that addresses your unique apartment insurance needs.

With eRenterPlan you:

  • Are pre-approved.
  • Can get a quote and policy instantly.
  • Have unnamed roommates and “actions of guests” covered under your liability.
  • Have the broadest coverage for damage to your personal property caused by roof leaks and other water damage (overflowed bathtubs/toilets, etc.).
  • Have up to five roommates covered on a single policy.
  • Get the replacement cost coverage not ACV (actual cash value) or depreciated cost.
  • Have pet liability coverage. (If the endorsement is chosen.)
  • Are assured no rate increase due to a claim.

Contact eRenterPlan

Contact eRenterPlan for more information at 1-888-512-4204, or go mobile with

eRenterPlan was developed and is managed by LeasingDesk, one of the largest providers of group insurance programs for the multifamily industry. LeasingDesk has been working with apartment communities since 1999 to provide renters insurance programs. Based in Irvine, California and Carrollton, Texas, LeasingDesk operates as a licensed insurance agent.

LeasingDesk’s underwriter is American Modern Insurance Group, which is rated “A+” (excellent) by A.M. Best Company, the insurance industry’s foremost independent information provider.

www.LeasingDesk.comToll Free: (888) 512-4204

www.LeasingDesk.comFax: (888) 484-7227

eRenterPlan and LeasingDesk are registered trademarks of RealPage, Inc.


In the spirit of building strong communities, please help us support our 2018 Together nonprofit organization, Shelters to Shutters.

Learn more


In the spirit of building strong communities, please help us support our 2017 Together nonprofit organization, Shelters to Shutters.

Learn more

In the spirit of redefining communities, please join us in supporting our Together Program and our 2018 nonprofit partner, Shelters to Shutters.

Shelters to Shutters is a national organization that transitions individuals and families from homelessness to economic self-sufficiency by educating and engaging the real estate industry to provide employment and housing opportunities. Trinity will match your donations, making each $1 you donate $2 to help benefit those in need!.

From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 donate $1, $2, $5, $10, $15, or $20 during your online rent payment and Trinity will MATCH YOUR DONATION DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR, up to $10,000 each. Donating is easy! Simply pick the amount of your donation from the dropdown menu at check out. The amount will be added to your rent payment transaction. Donate once or every month as you choose.

Get to Know


Shelters to Shutters is a national non-profit organization providing housing and employment opportunities to individuals experiencing homelessness and assisting them to a life of self-sufficiency. Learn more:

Start Making a Difference

To participate while paying your rent online, enroll in the Resident Portal today!

Stay Connected

For updates on the Together fundraising efforts:

Read our Community Redefined blog

Like us on Facebook

Follow us onTwitter

* Contributions are not tax deductible

** Shelters to Shutters name, emblems and copyrighted materials are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, opinion or political position. The Shelters to Shutters logo is a registered trademark owned by Shelters to Shutters.

*** Your contribution is added to your transaction at no additional cost and the convenience fee is free when you pay with an e-check!


Trinity Property Consultants is extremely concerned about conserving energy and natural resources to maintain a sustainable environment. Learn more about our Green Team, energy services and utility management program.

Learn more


Trinity Property Consultants is extremely concerned about conserving energy and natural resources to maintain a sustainable environment. Learn more about our Green Team, energy services and utility management program.

Learn more

Our Commitment to Conservation

Like so many surrounding apartment communities, residential neighborhoods, and businesses, Trinity Property Consultants is extremely concerned about conserving energy and natural resources to maintain a sustainable environment. We believe it is important to reduce our energy and water usage, and it is a responsibility we all share. To that end, we utilize an energy and water allocation program at all of our residential communities. We believe that this program provides the necessary control and incentive for all of us to become more conscious of our energy and water usage.


American Utility Management (AUM) collaborates with Trinity Property Consultants to administer this program. AUM is a premier energy services and utility management partner to the multifamily housing industry. AUM offers our valued residents, an experienced and knowledgeable team that is equipped to answer any questions that may arise. You will find their customer service team to be accessible, responsive and better informed to answer any energy and water statement related questions.

Cost Saving Tips

In order to continue our energy and water conservation efforts, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.
  • By turning the water off while brushing your teeth and shaving, you can save up to 5 gallons of water.
  • Set your thermostat to 78° F in the summer and 68° F in the winter.
  • Unplug electronics, such as cell phone chargers and video game consoles, when not in use.

Contact AUM

Contact AUM’s toll-free customer service call center at (866) 520-1245 or Log onto the AUM website for additional information:

Other Programs

Trinity Property Consultants is committed to service. Learn more about our Concierge, Rapid Response and Resident Referral programs.

Learn more

Other Programs

Trinity Property Consultants is committed to service. Learn more about our Concierge, Rapid Response and Resident Referral programs.

Learn more

Concierge Program

Trinity Property Consultants is dedicated to providing our valued residents with the highest in quality service and personalized attention. Our Concierge Services provide exceptional value by offering discounts at local businesses and on-site concierge items. Ask a community team member how our Concierge Amenity Program will benefit you.

For your convenience the following services are provided free of charge:

  • Business Center Services, including available copiers and fax machines
  • Package acceptance
  • Change of address cards
  • Free wireless internet in common community spaces

Rapid Response Program

Trinity Property Consultants strives to offer a Rapid Response when addressing the service requests submitted by our valued residents. Our Rapid Response program is yet another indicator of our service commitment, providing prompt maintenance service with personalized follow-up. Spend your free time the way YOU want. No need to worry about the service issues in your home. Leave that to our Rapid Response Service Technicians.

Our Commitment
To deliver a “Rapid Response” and ensure excellence throughout Trinity Property Consultants’ communities.

Our Pledge
To respond to all non-emergency service requests within 48 hours. Emergency service requests should be reported immediately to a Trinity community team member or after hour’s response system.

Our Residents
Resident satisfaction is our top priority. Our work is not finished until YOU are satisfied.

Referral Program

We would love more residents just like you! Benefit from referring your friends, family and co-workers to one of our Trinity Property Consultant managed communities. Ask your Trinity community team member for the details and incentive bonuses.