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Ways To Stay Productive When You’re Sick

Ways to Stay Productive

When the seasons change, many of us come down with a case of the sniffles or get a full-blown flu as we adjust to the new weather and shifting temperatures. It’s always hard to press pause on productivity while we get the necessary rest but there are ways to remain productive while not aggravating your cold. Life Hack has a few ways you can still feel a sense of accomplishment while feeling under the weather and we think they are spot on!

As difficult as it may be, taking a day off is great for productivity. In some cases, this is nearly impossible but if you can swing it, allowing yourself a day of full rest can help you return to your normal productive self. It can also help prevent mistakes from occurring while working on important projects or communicating with co-workers and/or customers.

It goes without saying that plenty of fluids, vitamins, and sleep are essential when trying to break through a cold but if you want to remain as productive as possible, make sure that any over-the-counter medicine you take is non-drowsy. A lot of sinus remedies tend to give you the dreaded “medicine head” so do your homework and read your labels and packages before selecting a suitable remedy.
Working in small bursts may also help. Instead of your standard 8-hour day, consider working in smaller increments and taking frequent breaks to rest. Life Hack recommends giving The Pomodoro Technique a try!

It’s also very important to isolate yourself from your co-workers. Telecommute if possible or set yourself up in an environment where the risk of them catching your cold is greatly reduced. Nothing will slow down a collaborative project more quickly than a sick team!

If you fear that you may still make mistakes while working on important projects, it may be more productive to shift your focus for the time being. Instead of focusing on the pressing matters, instead focus on long-term goals and projects. This may help you still get something done without slowing anything down with mistakes that need to be corrected later!

For more information on these Life Hacks, visit’re-sick.html.

The team at Trinity wishes you good health and productivity!

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