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Ways To Stay Productive This Summer

Ways To Stay Productive This Summer

For some of us, summer is just another part of the year and much of our day to day activities remain unchanged. For others, it means a break from school or work and now it’s time to decide what you’ll do with all the extra time on your hands. Whether you have a hard time developing goals or find it difficult sticking to them, we have found a whole heap of helpful information for making the most of your summer!

Buzzfeed recommends 15 different options for a productive summer and they include learning a useful technological skill such as HTML, learning to cook, and learning a new language. You can also learn without leaving your living room with TED Talks and documentaries on Netflix and educational websites such as Academic Earth. If you feel like you are too easily distracted by social media or other websites, you can download an app called SelfControl that will limit the amount of time you spend on each site you know you’ve been spending way too much time on. For more of their insightful tips, click here.

If 15 tips are not enough, has come up with 100! Their tips are broken up into the following sections:

Volunteer Opportunities
Expand Your Knowledge
Earn Extra Money
For School and Beyond
Personal Challenges
Help the Earth
Personal Development

These tips cover things to do and the best ways to do them! Visit for some summer vacation inspiration!

Grammarly has also weighed in on the subject, with a focus on efficiency for those working during the warmer months. Ensuring your workspace is a comfortable temperature is essential to productivity in addition to staying hydrated and properly nourished. You can use the weather to your advantage and meet with co-workers or team members in new refreshing settings when possible to help break through the “summer slump”. Check out the Grammarly Blog for more ideas!

Happy summer vacation from Trinity Property Consultants!

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