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Trinity Center Stage – Walt Anderson

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At Trinity Property Consultants, every team is truly a sum of its parts. Each team member helps redefine our communities by contributing their unique talents and working together to provide each resident with a community they are truly proud to call home.

Although we all work best as a team, we like to take the opportunity to focus on an individual’s efforts and place them center stage for all of our valued residents and Trinity team members to see! That’s why we are excited to share that we will now be featuring team members on our blog that have been recognized for their commitment to customer service. For our first entry, we will be highlighting Walt Anderson, a Maintenance Supervisor that oversees The Bluffs At Mountain Park in Lake Oswego, OR.

You would be hard pressed to find a community member who didn’t have something kind to say about Walt. As the Maintenance Supervisor of The Bluffs for the last 11 years, he has become a fixture of the community and described as an amenity himself by his co-workers as they describe the property to prospective residents.

Walt has been a contractor throughout his entire professional life. Growing up in Idaho, he would fish and hunt with his father and help work on his childhood home. After relocating to Tigard, OR when he was a teenager, Walt was hired by a company from California that was building homes and further developing his new neighborhood. For $1 an hour, he performed manual labor and fine-tuned his skills as he worked for the company for many years and eventually became a licensed contractor. After moving into a community in Beaverton managed by his sister, he assumed maintenance duties there and has been working in the multi-family industry ever since.

But it’s not just Walt’s experience that makes him a valued Trinity team member. It’s his willingness to assist others even if its after-hours or the task is outside of his job description. It’s his dedication that inspires him to personally follow-up with each resident to ensure that everything was repaired to their satisfaction. It’s his approachable nature that empowers residents to go straight to Walt if they are ever in need of assistance. Walt’s philosophy is simple: to make one person happy each day and to assist those in need as they would assist him.

Between work order requests, Walt can usually be spotted waving from his cart, spending time with his wife and yellow lab, Butters, or continuing to help those in need of assistance. The community’s Yelp page and Google reviews are a testament to this. One review in particular highlights an experience of a passerby whose car broke down in the community parking lot. Even though they did not reside at The Bluffs, Walt provided them with guidance, assistance, and supplies all on his own time!

For Walt, there is no hesitation in helping others. The only reward he seeks is knowing that he has been helpful and that each task he has completed is viewed as a job well done.

The entire Trinity team would like to congratulate Walt Anderson on a job well done and thank him for setting such an incredible example for the service and amenities we provide companywide!

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