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Trinity Center Stage – Ben Ottoson


As Trinity Property Consultants continues to learn and grow as an organization, various valued team members have risen to the occasion to tackle new challenges and lay the groundwork for the future of multi-family living. That’s why we are excited to highlight the efforts of Ben Ottoson, Community Manager of Arrive 800 Penn, a luxury community in Denver, Colorado.

As one of the first properties to receive the Arrive brand upgrade treatment, Ben has been instrumental in implementing new services, amenities, and accommodation features to ensure that they are providing value and convenience for the community. Ben’s attention to detail and communication skills have allowed him to work closely with his Regional Manager and our Corporate Operations Team to help facilitate smooth transitions for future Arrive communities.

Since 2013, Ben has worked his way up from his starting position as a leasing agent to become a Community Manager, mentor, and key figure at corporate events and meetings. According to Regional Manager, Wes Gingher, Ben has been an asset to the company from the very beginning:

“I knew from day one that Ben would have a bright future with Trinity.” said Wes. “As time goes on, he continues to contribute to our effectiveness at the site and corporate levels. There is nothing that Ben can’t handle.”

In addition to his hard work and dedication, Ben is known as an avid sports fan who goes to local sporting events any chance he can get which for Wes Gingher is another great example of why he is a pleasure to work with. “Whether we are talking shop or talking sports, Ben is the type of guy you always enjoy having around.”

The team at Trinity Property Consultants thanks Ben Ottoson for his tireless commitment to customer service. We are proud to have you take center stage!

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