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New In Town? – How To Meet People After A Move

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Relocating for work or looking for a fresh start in a new city? Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in a new place where you don’t know many people, connecting with the community and making new friends can help you feel welcome in your new home. Besides joining groups with similar interests (see our blog for more information), there are a variety of ways you can connect with your neighbors and Apartment Guide has developed a few effective methods for meeting people once you are settled in your new home!

To be clear, that is the first step: make sure you are settled in your new home. Take the time to unpack and establish some semblance of order. This will allow you to begin to feel comfortable and establish a routine.

Once you are ready to socialize, try connecting with new co-workers by sending out an email and inviting them to a nearby restaurant after work for happy hour. These are likely some of the first people you will meet and establishing good relationships at work may help you secure meaningful friendships that exist outside of the workplace!

Being a friendly neighbor also helps. Say hello to everyone you encounter, make it a point to introduce yourself to your adjacent neighbors, and attend any events that your community may be hosting.

If you have a dog, take your four-legged friend to your local dog park and engage with other pet owners. Your dog can also be a great topic of discussion as you take them for out for a quick walk through the community. Set up a doggie play date and friendships just may start to form!

Additional suggestions include reaching out to any friend of a friend that lives locally, getting involved by volunteering, becoming a regular at your neighborhood coffee shop, and never turning down an invitation if you are available. As tempting as it may be, if you regularly choose Netflix and Postmates over plans with new friends, then you may find yourself with fewer invitations as time goes on.

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