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Internship Success Stories

Internship Success Stories

As we approach our second year of our Real Estate Management Internship and Future Leadership Program, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the successes of our first year.

In 2016, our program had over 500 applicants from 25 different learning institutions and real estate programs across the country. 8 current students and recent graduates successfully completed a 10-week program and some of them went on to extend their internship and provide instrumental assistance in large-scale projects in various wings of our company. Every completed internship is a true accomplishment but here are a few stories that highlight the success our interns have experienced thus far:

Alexis C. – University of Georgia

Alexis completed the program in Atlanta and showed such great initiative that we were able to customize her internship and provide her with an opportunity to work closely with our acquisitions team as they worked to secure new locations in the region.

Luis G. – University of Southern California

Luis completed his internship in our Southern California region and gained additional experience assisting our construction wing, Redwood Construction, with the management of building projects at one of our student properties.

Jay J. – San Diego State University

As a recent graduate, Jay was selected to participate in our Future Leadership Program and was presented with the opportunity to travel around the country and assist with construction projects that prepared numerous student properties for the upcoming school semester.

Jacob A. – University of San Diego

Also a recent graduate, Jacob gained experience as he worked closely with Trinity’s marketing department, completing audits that were instrumental in maintaining successful day to day operations.

Adan A. – University of Alaska Anchorage

Adan completed his internship in our Seattle region and was featured in a University publication for his work in the Real Estate Management Internship Program. Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage are one of the many universities where students can receive college credits by completing Trinity’s internship program.

For more information on our interns and internship opportunities, be sure to check out our Team Life Blog. We look forward to another successful year!

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