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How To Prepare An Eco-Friendly Holiday Meal

Holiday Meal

The holiday season can quickly become hectic but just because you are playing host doesn’t mean you have to cut corners when it comes to utilizing eco-friendly materials and cooking methods. We did some digging and found that Earth Easy has all the tools you’ll need to prepare eco-friendly meals!

Being eco-friendly starts with the meal prep. Bamboo cutting and serving boards are environmentally friendly and an attractive way to serve your favorite holiday dishes. Pair these with bamboo kitchen utensils and bamboo salad servers for a striking table presentation and the peace of mind that comes with sustainably harvested materials. Finish the table off with a few bamboo candle holders and natural beeswax taper candles!

The ingredients in your food can also play a large role in your eco-conscious gatherings. Consider a culinary herbs window box, veggie micro-greens, or a recycle grow bottle to have your own fresh basil or oregano on hand. These are tasty additions to any meal and growing your own using these methods helps protect the environment while also providing your guests with an interesting conversation piece.

Preparing foods with a pressure cooker can also help you conserve energy this holiday season. Pressure cookers can reduce cook times up to 70%, meaning you will use far less energy and have more time to mingle with your guests or prepare other dishes. Pressure cooking can also help you retain 50% more vitamins and minerals when compared to traditional cooking methods.

Got any leftovers? Send your guests home with abeego wrapped dishes. These breathable beeswax food wraps help keep dishes fresh and the fact that they are rinseable and reusable make them a more environmentally friendly option than your standard plastic containers.

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Trinity Property Consultants wishes you happy holidays!

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