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Grilling Without A Grill – Indoor Grilling For Apartment Living

Grilling Without A Grill – Indoor Grilling For Apartment Living

There’s nothing quite like the taste of barbecue especially during the warm summer months but for many apartment home dwellers, a grill is a no-go. If local regulations prevent you from having a grill on your patio or your community does not have access to outdoor grills, you may want to consider buying an indoor grill or using the right tools and ingredients to capture that classic barbecue taste.

Let’s start with the simpler approach! Epicurious has outlined a few simple yet effective options for grilling without a grill!

Your broiler may become your new best friend as it acts as a sort of “upside down grill”. You won’t get any grill marks but with quick -cooking grill recipes, you can char the dish and channel some of that barbecue flavor.

A cast iron grill pan is another great option for quick barbecue dishes. They are fairly inexpensive and if you get the pan hot enough, you can get some great grill marks.

Beyond the broiler and the pan, smoky ingredients can really make a difference and help you get one step closer to replicating that charbroiled taste. Smoked salt, smoked olive oil, and chipotle chiles can all add new dimensions to the flavor of your dishes. Epicurious even goes as far as outlining DIY tips for smoking dishes in your home.

If you want to take your indoor grilling to the next level, you may want to check out The Spruce and their top ten indoor grills of 2017. Since we all know that standard barbecues are not permitted for indoor use, these gadgets can help you grill up some goodies in the comfort of your own home.

Products such as the Downtown Grill Electric Hibachi are revolutionizing the electric grill world with their ThermoCeramix technology that provides cooking capabilities that rival traditional gas and charcoal grills. For a full list of their favorites, visit

The team at Trinity Property Consultants wishes you a happy summer and good luck grilling!

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