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Future Leadership Program to Full-Time Hire – Trinity Leadership Testimonials – Kali Johnson


I started as a Secondary English Education Major and found myself enrolled in the Residential Property Management (RPM) program at Ball State University in Indiana as I entered my junior year of college. It was suggested to me by a peer who knew I had a longstanding fascination with Real Estate and Property Management.

Throughout the program, I studied several different RPM subjects. I found that the most helpful courses were Marketing and Leasing Residential Properties, Apartment Financial Management, and a Housing and Society course. In the property management industry, you can learn the most by doing. The RPM program at my college required several hours of job shadowing at different residential properties and a summer internship which I think prepared me more for my career than anything else.

I started with Trinity Property Consultants as a Future Leader in Training in June of 2017 after graduating in May. I was based in Denver, CO at Arrive 800 Penn but was sent on several different trips for special projects. First, I was sent to Las Vegas for the Trinity Leadership Conference. I think the highlight of this trip was the opportunity to network with other team members throughout each company (FPA, Trinity, and Redwood) and hear their stories/advice. Throughout the rest of the Leadership Program, I was also sent to Salt Lake City, UT and Eden Prairie, MN.

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When I concluded the program, I accepted a full-time position at the property I was based at in Denver, CO. Since being brought on full-time, I still have had an opportunity to travel. I have been to Goleta, CA to help lease the Apartments at Los Carneros, one of Trinity’s new construction properties. I have also been to Mission Viejo, CA to assist at ReNew at the Shops and soon I will be traveling to St. Louis, MO. My favorite part about traveling for special projects has never changed as I always learn a hundred new things about the industry, our residents, and my own personal RPM craft.

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In February of 2018, I got the chance to go back to Ball State as part of a recruitment team and sit in on an Advisory Board Meeting. I was thrilled to see how much the program had grown since I graduated in May of 2017 and how dedicated the students were to get into the field. I have so many pieces of advice for students who are doing internships or are about to start Future Leader Programs. Here are a few of the most important:

First, do not be afraid to make mistakes. The whole point of an internship or leadership program is to learn and sometimes that means messing up. Second, pay attention to everything. Take notes in your head or on paper about everything you see, hear, or do, even about things you think you or a fellow associate could have done better. Last, ask ALL of the questions, even if you think you’ve got the right answers. If you’re still worried about making mistakes, asking questions is a great way to overcome those fears.

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Throughout my career with Trinity, I have had nothing but opportunities to “put more tools in my toolbox” and have received support from every team member I have had the opportunity to work with. With Trinity, it feels like my training as a future leader never stopped and that is exactly what I wanted my career to feel like. I truly believe that if you want to be valuable, not only to a company but to yourself, you can never stop learning. I am looking forward to every minute I learn something new with Trinity.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

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