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Fall Cleaning Tips – Preparing Your Home For Winter

Fall Cleaning Tips – Preparing Your Home For Winter (1)

Spring is most often associated with cleaning but as we enter fall and start considering the colder months of winter, there are some chores that are best completed now before the cold weather has us spending more time indoors and makes certain tasks unpleasant. How Stuff Works has some great ideas and here at Trinity Property Consultants, we have picked our favorite tips for preparing your apartment home for fall and winter and want to share them with you!

Cleaning your car’s interior is a great project for fall. During the warmer months, going to the car wash or washing your car’s exterior may be a regular occurrence but many of us neglect to clean the inside of our cars as we embark on summer adventures and accumulate summer supplies, trash, and dirt from the places we visit. Cleaning your car’s interior during fall will help you avoid being locked in a cold winter car cluttered with trash or items you don’t need. For more information on useful car cleaning techniques, click here.

With more time spent indoors and doors and windows locked tight, our living spaces become more susceptible to dust, dander, and the most dreaded household problem of them all: mold. Washing bedding at a high temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit on a weekly basis can help you kill mites and bacteria that live in your sheets. Thorough vacuuming and carpet cleaning can also help you cut down on dust.

Cleaning drapes and blinds is also key! It is recommended to launder drapes, vacuum blinds, and clean non-wood blinds with soap and water. Bathing pets as often as possible and cleaning areas that are regularly moist (showers, sinks, floor drains) will help you enjoy a clean and comfortable winter home.

For more information on prepping your home for winter during the fall, visit the How Stuff Works website! You’ll be happy you did once you curl up this winter and look around at a clean cozy home!

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