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Eco-Friendly Company Spotlight: United By Blue

United By Blue

Although there are many companies now making clothing with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing methods, there are only a select few that also use their sales as a driving force to coordinate community cleanup and sustainability projects. United By Blue is one of these rare companies.

For every product sold, United By Blue uses their cleanup efforts to remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways around the world. This is not done by using the profits to write a donation check. The team members participate in the cleanup themselves and organize with like-minded volunteers to remove items both big and small that accumulate in our rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. A schedule of upcoming cleanups can be seen here for those interested in volunteering. As of now, they have been able to help remove 995,291 pounds of trash.

If you don’t see any local cleanups on the list, you can always support United By Blue by purchasing one of their signature bags, outdoor & home goods, or men’s and women’s clothing items. Not only will you contribute to a future cleanup but each product uses materials that help preserve the environment. Recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, organic cotton, and wool are all used in various United By Blue products. The recycled polyester and organic cotton help ensure less plastic and chemical fertilizers and pesticides end up in our waterways. They also consume less energy during the production process. Wool is natural, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an ideal material when manufacturing eco-conscious clothing.

Whether you buy a sweatshirt or find yourself as a member of the cleanup crew, United By Blue is working to preserve our precious water resources, one pound at a time. For more information on their products and business philosophy, visit

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