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DIY Bed Frame Projects

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Bed frames can be an expensive piece of the home décor puzzle but a beautiful bedframe can help transform a room and help you sleep more soundly. If you are looking for a stylish bedroom centerpiece but don’t want to spend your life savings, there are quite a few resources online for building your own. We have searched high and low and picked out the most intriguing and practical solutions for apartment dwellers. You don’t have to be a master carpenter to master these DIY projects!

Pallets can be your best friend when it comes to making simple yet striking bed frames. You can find almost every pallet bed plan under the sun when you visit the 101 Pallet Ideas website. They have 42 different ideas that appeal to various skill levels and aesthetics. Couple Jones also has a great DIY pallet bed project that is ideal for twin beds.

It’s hard to look up budget-friendly DIY projects without stumbling across an Ikea hack or two. Ikea Hackers have come up with a storage bed solution that is easy to build and easy on the wallet. All you need are some Kallax shelves and slats to make this dream bed a reality.

If you are looking for a dash of industrial in your bedroom, then you may want to check out this industrial platform bed design created by Sawdust Girl. The wheels not only look great but serve as a practical feature if you like to switch around your room décor often.

Ever fall in love with a bed frame but think to yourself “I could probably make that”? So have the contributors at Bigger Than The Three Of Us. Their mid-century inspired DIY bed takes a design that sells for $899 and shows you how make your own for less than $200!

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