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We’re Going Paperless: Free Online Rent Payments

We’re Going Paperless: Free Online Rent Payments
We are pleased to announce that beginning January 1, 2014 Trinity is going paperless. Our residents can now pay their rent with an e-check online for FREE via any computer, laptop or mobile device 24/7. E-check (ACH bank transfer) is easily set up using your bank account and routing numbers.

Other payment options are also available.

• Residents may select their rent to automatically deduct from their account on the 2nd of every month. This will free them from having to log in monthly to make a payment.
• Making an e-check payment is now FREE.
• Residents may also use Visa, Discover, or Mastercard but there are fees to do so.
• Moneygram payments are also available to those wishing to pay rent in cash. Instructions are available upon logging into the payment portal at or by contacting a Trinity team member for more information.

Residents may notice that the drop box located at the leasing office is being removed. We ask that they please make arrangements to make all future payments during office hours or using one of the above methods.

In conjunction with paperless rent payments, residents will experience a new and improved version of Resident Portal. For those unfamiliar with Resident Portal, there are many advantages to using this system including:

– Rent Reminders
– Submit and track maintenance requests
– Safely store your online payment information and schedule payments
– Review your monthly balance

New additions will include a point system that allows residents to work towards earning renewal incentives. They can simply log in, participate in various activities and watch their points build!

Registration is quick and can be done in 3 easy steps!

1) Go to:
2) Click on “Resident Login” from the main menu
3) Click on the ENROLL NOW button in the top right corner

(Follow the prompts given. Your name and birth date or last four digits of your social security number must be entered exactly the same as on your contract. If you are unable to enroll, please contact a Trinity team member right away.)

We couldn’t be more excited about our new paperless program and we appreciate the cooperation of all who stay with us and those who intend to reside with us in the future.

23 thoughts on “We’re Going Paperless: Free Online Rent Payments

  1. susan

    this complex is not worth 690.00 per month considering the area and the complex reputation you all are like the 4th or 5th owners,dont make rules if you have no intention of enforcing them especially about noise and parking.laundry facilities are bad I would rather pay a higher rent for something a lot nicer then this

    1. Trinity Property Consultants

      Trinity is a company that has a reputation for Redefining Communities with both capital improvements and efficiencies in operations.The Stratus became part of the Trinity Family of Communities on October 31st 2013. We understand how frustrating it is when a community bounces from management company to management company. The next several months will bring about a lot of change at The Stratus. It is our hope that the changes will create a positive environment that you can be proud to call home.

    2. binionpr

      I concur Susan! I feel like I am living in the projects. Security?!? Funny how you pay someone to do nothing! I go to bed four hours after I get ready to because of my loud neighbors. It is now 0245 or so. I am suffering from sleep deprivation. There are no real rules like other properties here. It looks good on paper in an effort to impress those of us who know what it is to be a good neighbor. Like how many drug addicts do we have in this complex?!? Come on now! Lets keep it 100% because I live it every day. You can go home but we are stuck here in this mess so you dont care! Its ironic that a memo was just put out and my neighbor above me is doing everything to defy it. Im waiting for a camera man to jump out and say, “You just got punked!” Give me a break!

  2. ari

    I live in UpTownLakeOswego in Oregon. My rent has been raised without any notice, I have to shower at the gym because my shower has never worked, My rent is $1079 per month for a tiny one bedroom apartment plus water, utilities, and electric. I am handicapped and there is no handicapped parking here. There is not enough light to see the stairs. I have holes in the wall from where the shower curtain holder fell out of the wall. Everything has fallen out of the wall. My electric bill us $255 this month and I haven’t even used the heat yet! This place is a nightmare!

  3. Anonymous

    I love my apartment but I hat the payment options! Moneygram really?! Why do I have to pay someone to pay you? I just want to pay my rent not a fee for someone to pay my rent that only takes cash at a location I never go to. My leasing office told me that the reason they were switching to Money Gram over money order rent payments was for the safety and security of the office containing those money orders. What about the safety and security of the patrons that live at the complex? Is it safe to go to an ATM when I get off work in the dark and withdraw nearly $1000? Seems like someone did not think that decision through all the way when deciding on the security of the community supporting your company.

    1. Trinity Property Consultants

      are many ways in which you can pay your rent other than MoneyGram. Have you tried the
      free e-check online? E-Check can be used from any computer, laptop or mobile
      device 24/7. You can log in every month
      or select your rent to automatically deduct from your account on the 2nd of
      every month. Want to earn points on your Credit Cards? You may also use Visa, Discover, or Mastercard
      but keep in mind there is a fee to do so.

  4. L

    Wish we knew more about the new point system and renewal incentives! I would do more online if I knew what we got for doing so.

  5. Allison Hairston

    My retirement does not post to my bank account until the 3rd of the month. Since we are allowed to pay rent on the 3rd without penalty is it possible yo have the rent deduction taken out on that day? It would save me a lot of time and money and also help with your paperless system.

    1. Trinity Property Consultants

      Thank you for using our online payment system. At this time Auto Payments are scheduled to deduct early in the morning on the 2nd of each month. Due to several factors, this is currently the only option available for Auto Payments; however you can log in any time and make a manual payment, including prepayments up to 1 month of reoccurring charges.

  6. Tarsha

    I live at one of your property locations in Houston. I have been trying to get a handicap parking space for more than 3 months. Management is giving us the run around, so we have taken it up on ourselves to contact the state and also the housing authority all of this because the office manager is so lazy to do her job. If anyone is considering moving to 2400 S Loop W Houston, TX Wilcox apartments please DO NOT waste your money. Even the district manager won’t return phone calls or emails. My husband is a cancer patient and it’s difficult for him to walk far to get to our apt.

  7. Doodle

    I’ve noticed a decline in Sunpark Apts. since they have all new staff. Check out apartment 75! They moved someone into the apartment before they did the repairs. Very disappointing.

    1. Doodle

      Sorry I forgot to mention that my auto pay was cancelled and not by me. According to the office staff, the system is down so I will have to pay with a check.

      1. Trinity Property Consultants

        That’s tumbling to hear. We will definitely pass your feedback on to the Community and Regional Manager of Sunpark. You are correct about the online payment system. We are working hard to
        have their system back online before the end of the year. If we can be of additional service, please
        feel free to email our Cares Team at

  8. Laura

    I wouldn’t trust your company with auto pay. When your company recently
    “Refined” my community (Pavilion Apartment Homes, Federal Way, WA), it
    became the worst property I have ever lived at. I live in one of the
    smallest units that wasn’t refurbished and has no silverware drawers
    (only 4 small drawers) in the kitchen. In fact, the entire apartment
    isn’t level. I can’t put anything on the counter that will roll, like an
    egg, because it will fall onto the floor. The management is terrible.
    When they first took over in June, I got a notice that my lease was
    expiring on July 31 and my rent was going up $70, ridiculous for the
    size and condition of my apartment. I had 10 days to give notice that I
    was leaving, sign a new lease, or rent month-to-month and pay the $100
    rent increase. Actually, my lease was a year lease that ends Nov 30.
    When I made an appointment to speak with the manager, she was so rude,
    claimed she didn’t have a copy of my lease, and said that it didn’t
    matter what condition my apartment was in. I showed her a copy of my
    lease and renters insurance. The following month, I received another
    notice of eviction because my lease had expired on July 31 and I had 3
    days to pay to comply with the notice which threat eviction once again. I
    also received a copy in the mail. Once again, I went to the office and
    gave them the same copies I had given the managers the prior month and
    told them that if they continued to harass me, we (my brother the
    guarantor) and I, would contact our attorney. My brother called the
    manager and left 3 messages asking her to return his calls and he never
    heard from her. My lease ends this month and I am getting out of here.
    You guys SUCK!

  9. Amber

    I live in the ReNew at the Shops Apartment Complex and am more then unhappy and unsatisfied with out stay here. I moved in 2 months ago, and from the first night living here we have had an infestation of cockroaches. This apartment complex is knowingly allowing people to move into cockroach infested apartments! After doing treatments to get rid of the cockroaches my daughter broke out in a huge allergic reaction to the chemicals. I took her to her doctor and he suggested to no longer do the Orkin treatments because she was having a severe reaction to the chemicals. So I notified the office to take me off the list. A couple weeks go by, and cockroaches are throughout our cupboards, drawers, food, my 9 month old daughter’s toy bins, in our bedroom, the bathroom, and on our carpets. I approached the office once again and was given three ultimatums. I can move out and break my lease here with a 30 day notice, but if I did that then that would mean I would have to provide the new apartment complex with at least a $400 move-in/security deposit, $45 fee for each applicant, and 1st months rent, in addition the costs to get a moving truck to move all of our furniture. So moving out of here would cost me approximately at least $2000 up front ($400 move in deposit + $90 [a $45 fee per applicant which includes me and my husband] + $1400 1st months rent + $150= $2,040). Somehow they think this is reasonable. Second option was to move into a different apartment. I requested to move into a downstairs unit that WAS available right around the corner. However, they told me they just rented it out (conveniently perfect timing) and I would have to wait until December 20 for the next apartment. That would mean my family would be living with cockroaches for another month. Tenants had not moved into the apartment, and you would think current tenants would take priority over prospects, especially tenants who are living in an apartment infested with roaches. According to NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTHY HOUSING, cockroaches in the home environment are a health hazard not only because of the risks posed by cockroach antigens to asthma sufferers, but also because they can carry DISEASE-CAUSING germs and some methods traditionally used to eliminate them cause additional health hazards. Cockroaches can spread approximately 33 kinds of bacteria, 6 kinds of parasitic worms, and 7 other human pathogens. The last option they gave me was to continue to live in my apartment and they would do gel treatments until the cockroaches were gone. So they expect my family to continue living here with cockroaches until they’re gone. I requested that they provide services for us elsewhere until it is a healthy living environment for my 9 month old child but they denied me. I’m not going to allow my child to be exposed to any more chemicals if she is OBVIOUSLY allergic and we shouldn’t have to live in an INFESTED cockroach apartment! You would think the management would show more concern for their tenants but they just sweep us under the rug as if it isn’t there problem. Had I known I was moving into a cockroach infested apartment, I would have never given them my money or allowed my family to be subjected to this environment! There is nothing luxurious about the Trinity Properties or living with cockroaches.

  10. Jeremy

    What is the contact information to speak with someone at Trinity Property Consultants? im having issues with my e-check setup.


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