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5 Simple Cures for Apartment Clutter

Trinity Property Consultants clean up clutter apartment bathroom

Do you want to maximize the space in your apartment to make it more efficient? Today we’re going to show you five ways to organize your apartment, starting with the bath and closet!

1. Bathroom Drawers: Clean up the make-up, accessories, hair ties, and thingamabobs by using a magnetic board and magnetic storage containers. Drawer dividers (like adjustable silverware holders and office supply organizers) are a great way to store items like brushes, mascara and eye-liner.

Magnetic Organization Photos Courtesy of Martha Stewart and LauraThoughts81

2. Bathroom Counters: Use a magazine holder and Command Velcro hanging strips to store your curling iron and hair dryer on the inside of your cabinet doors. Another option would be to use PVC pipe and Command Velcro hanging strips. Remember to let your curling irons cool before storing them!

Trinity Property Consultants shares apartment bathroom storage tips

Bathroom Organization Photos Courtesy of TheSuels and

3. Shoes: It seems you can never have too many styles and colors until you’re trying to find the pair you need! Get organized by using clear boxes – they will keep the dust off and prevent damage to the toe of your shoe. Place the boxes at or near eye-level to easily access the perfect pair!

Trinity Property Consultants shares apartment closet storage tips

Shoe and Accessory Storage Photos Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

4. Accessories: Scarves and purses get wrinkled and damaged when they’re piled on shelves or stuffed in drawers. Use shower curtain hooks to hang purses and scarves at eye-level. Purses can also be hung from the inside of your closet door with a purse rack or chain.

5. Clothes: Hang twice the amount of clothing in your closet by adding an adjustable second rod to your closet!

Trinity Property Consultants shares apartment closet clothing storage tips

Closet Organization Photos Courtesy of Container Store

Helpful Organization Tips:

  • Don’t delay decisions by moving piles of items to another “temporary” place.
  • Before you rush out to the store to purchase organizing products, don’t forget to take measurements first and bring your measuring tape with you to the store!

Do you have any organizing how-to’s, ideas or tips and tricks? Please share with us, we’d love to showcase your photos in our next organization post!

Stop by Stepping Up next month for more tips for organizing your apartment.



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