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How To Prepare An Eco-Friendly Holiday Meal

Holiday Meal

The holiday season can quickly become hectic but just because you are playing host doesn’t mean you have to cut corners when it comes to utilizing eco-friendly materials and cooking methods. Read More

Apartment Living – Thanksgiving Meal Prep

Thanksgiving Meal Prep

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest meals of the year and if you are an apartment renter and are planning on preparing a feast this year, you may be worried about preparing all your dishes with only one oven. Read More

Community Redefined – ReNew At The Shops


Introducing another Community Redefined project, ReNew At The Shops; a rebranded apartment community located in Mission Viejo, CA. Read More

New In Town? – How To Meet People After A Move

Meeting New People (1)

Relocating for work or looking for a fresh start in a new city? Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in a new place where you don’t know many people, connecting with the community and making new friends can help you feel welcome in your new home. Read More

Trinity Center Stage – Yolanda Reyes


It’s been a minute since we highlighted Walt Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor Superstar, and now it’s time to welcome another Trinity Team Member to Center Stage: Yolanda Reyes, Special Assistant for Operations – Midwest. Read More

Eco-Friendly Company Spotlight: ECOS Earth Friendly Products

Ecos Products

Since 1967, ECOS has been committed to creating a wide range of earth friendly products. With 50 years of experience, the company has fine-tuned their formulas to offer 200 products that utilize renewable resources and are gentle on people, pets, and the planet. Read More

Fall Cleaning Tips – Preparing Your Home For Winter

Fall Cleaning Tips – Preparing Your Home For Winter (1)

Spring is most often associated with cleaning but as we enter fall and start considering the colder months of winter, there are some chores that are best completed now before the cold weather has us spending more time indoors and makes certain tasks unpleasant. Read More

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